What We Do


VECH Uganda operates its activities in four core program areas;

Sustainable Water and Sanitation and energy
  1. Access to safe clean water in rural poor communities and schools
  2. Water conservation and security
  3. Improvement and access to sanitation facilities

We implement a variety of technologies solutions. VECH works with partners to supplement Government services by construction of  Boreholes, ordinary springs; spring tanks, community hand dug wells with hand pumps, installation of rainwater harvesting storage tanks systems for schools and Households

Climate change and Adaptation

VECH Uganda supports rural  communities to adopt the use of sustainable energy training to construct Lorena energy saving stoves and Biogas. This ensures that’s communities will not only reduce deforestation but also ensures good health. Agro forestry is also integrated in the agricultural program through boundary tree planting and fruit trees growing in both at schools and households.

This program is aimed at promoting environmental protection that is otherwise destroyed by Human activity. Environmental conservation is the act of conserving or saving our natural resources.

 VECH trains in proper land use management and Tree planting as a measure to restore the green growth. It will focus on the key principles of a green economy such as equity, environment sustainability, resource efficiency, pollution prevention technologies and best practices, climate change adaptation and mitigation .This means to use the available resources wisely and responsibly.

Women Social Economic Empowerment

VECH Uganda envisions Stimulating women entrepreneurship as having important “trickle down” effects on wider poverty alleviation and gender disparity through the expansion of female employment and stimulation of the economy. Empowerment of women and skill training results in formation of social capital, which is crucial to sustainable human development.

Social economic strengthening is one of the core interventions that enhance the capacity of vulnerable women to engage in income generation activities. VECH Uganda trains rural vulnerable women in business skills management ,groups formation and equip them with good practices and procedures of savings and loan management in VSLA groups

VECH  Uganda  trains vulnerable rural women groups in Income Generation and Development through:

  1. Small business initiatives
  2. Revolving loan schemes
  3. Business skills development

Education and Capacity Building

VECH Uganda  supports critically vulnerable  children to access quality  Primary Education to all children

VECH Uganda Supports Vulnerable children with primary education for all critically vulnerable children in primary schools to access quality education through child sponsorship with school fees, provision of scholastic materials and sanitary pads enabling girls to manage their menstrual cycle with dignity to reduces school  absenteeism.

VECH Uganda through networking with its partners supports schools with access to reading materials,. Provision of services construction of infrastructures school classrooms, construction and installation of  rain water harvesting storage tanks systems, water and sanitation facilities and hygiene promotion.

The Education support has enabled vulnerable children to improve their academic performance and retention of OVC to continue with their academic studies.


Capacity Building

VECH supports establishment of skills training centers. VECH  Uganda supports Children out of school to access Apprenticeship skills and vocational training skills, tailoring, bakery, motor vehicle mechanics, Carpentry and hairdressing. The purpose of the training is to support the OVC to start and create their own jobs to enable them earn a living.